Viper high quality Waterfed Poles are available in sizes ranging from 18 ft. to 65 ft.  Constructed of the highest quality and performing Hybrid, 100% Full Carbon Fiber and 100% Hi Mod Carbon Fiber materials.

All Viper Poles are equipped with a 24-Inch 100% 3K carbon fiber straight gooseneck that can also be used as a short pole for cleaning lower level windows, an adjustable angle gooseneck with an acme thread attachment for a scrub pad holder and high quality, easy to change, locking clamp mechanisms with aluminum levers. These clamp systems are a great combination of lightness and strength.

All Viper Waterfed Poles are equipped with a 12" dual trim nylon brush with both pencil and fan jets and high quality 1/4" feed hose with a brass female garden hose (FGH) for connection to a purification system or tank. 

Viper Waterfed Poles are the strongest and most rigid poles available.  Replacement pole sections, clamps, pole tips, hose, brushes and fittings are available.


Himodulous (Hi-Mod) Carbon Fiber Viper Poles

     VP45HMCF            45 ft.                                50 ft.                             82 inches                             8-Sections                       7  lbs

     VP55HMCF            55 ft.                                60 ft.                             88-inches                            9-Sections                       9  lbs

     VP65HMCF            65 ft.                                70 ft,                             96-inches                            10-Sections                     11  lbs

Pole Specs

Hybrid Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber Viper Poles

      Part #               Actual Length                  Total Reach                    Closed Length                     # of Sections                     Weight

     VP18H                      18 ft.                                 23 ft.                              62 inches                           4-Sections                         2.5  lbs

     VP25H                     25 ft.                                30 ft.                              71 inches                            5-Sections                         4.0 lbs

Now includes a 24" Straight Gooseneck that can also be used as a short pole for lower level cleaning

100 % Full Carbon Fiber Viper Poles

     VP35CF                   35 ft.                                40 ft.                             73 inches                             7-Sections                        5  lbs