System Includes

*  4-Stage Purification

*  Powder Coated Frame

*  All Filters & 40" RO Membrane(s)

*  Sporty low profile flat free wheels

*  TDS Meter

*  50 ft. x 3/8" Blue Extension Hose

*  Filter Housing Wrenches (2)

*  QC Hose for easy RO output test

System Specs

               Part #                                   Dimensions                          Weight

     PWP-CART-SRO-10         50" H x 16" W x 16" D                   55 lbs

     PWP-CART-SRO-20        50" H x 16" W x 16" D                   60 lbs

     PWP-CART-DRO-20       50" H x 16" W x 16" D                   70 lbs

DI Filter Estimated Life Span in Gallons

                                                             Supply Water TDS                           10" DI Filter Capacity                    20" DI Filter Capacity

                                                                           100                                                        7150                                              14,000

                                                                           150                                                         4767                                               9,500

                                                                          200                                                        3575                                                7,100

                                                                           250                                                       2860                                               5,700

                                                                           300                                                      2400                                              4,800    

                                                                           350                                                       2050                                               4,100

                                                                           400                                                      1800                                               3,600

                                                                           450                                                       1550                                                3,100

                                                                           500                                                       1200                                               2400 

Available in 3 configurations and upgradable to the dual RO version at any time

Single RO Version

Dual RO Version

20" DI Version

10" DI Version

The Single RO version will allow you to operate a single pole up to 50 ft. and the dual RO version will allow you to operate a single pole beyond 50 ft. or operate two poles up to 50 ft.   The dual RO produces almost twice the water flow thus allowing you to work in lower than normal incoming pressure locations.

The Pure Water Power 4-stage cart allows for spot free rinse using only regular tap pressure up to 50 ft. high.  This system is configured for optimum pure water cleaning and uses 4 types of filtration for the best and most economical total filtration possible.  The 4 stages of filtration are as follows:  Stage-1 from the incoming water supply is the sediment filter which removes rust and large solids; Stage-2 is the carbon filter which removes the chlorine prior to Stage-3 which is the reverse osmosis (RO) which removes up to 98% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) before passing through the final Stage-4, De-Ionization (DI) filter which brings the TDS level down to 0.  This gives you 100% pure water for cleaning and rinsing without spotting and provides that level for a much longer time before any filters are required to change.

Pure Water Power RODI purification systems utilize the highest ultra flow technology (RO) reverse osmosis membranes available on the market.  Thre is not a better membrane available.  Our single 40" RODI units produce an astounding .9 gpm with an incoming pressure of 60 psi and .75 gpm at 50 psi.  Our dual RO units produce an astounding 1.8 gpm with an incoming pressure of 60 psi and 1.5 gpm at 50 psi.  The average pressure of any tap water source across the United States is 50 psi.  Very seldom will you see 60 psi from any water source. 

Pure Water Power has delivered a tap water RODI system carefully configured with the most efficient water flow available using only tap pressure and has constructed this unit with all metal fittings and a stainless steel RO housing for a professional look and commercial grade quality and ruggedness.

If you demand perfection at a better than market price, well this unit is what you want.  Easily connect to any water source and any waterfed pole.  Equipped with standard garden hose fittings in and out.  It is more than recommended to use a 5/8" I.D. minimum hose diameter incoming water supply.  Anything smaller will restrict the water flow of this system.  Can be used, stored and transported in the flat position or upright.

Operate up to 2-poles with the Dual RO Unit.

Now equipped with heavy duty rubber hand grips and sporty flat free wheels