Viper Pole Replacement Parts & Accessories

Viper Pole Carbon Fiber Angled Goosenecks

          Part #                        Description                           Weight

     VP-GN-10            10" Viper Gooseneck                      4 Oz

     VP-GN-16             16" Viper Gooseneck                      4 Oz

     VP-GN-24            24" Viper Gooseneck                     5 Oz

Viper Pole Carbon Fiber Straight Goosenecks

          Part #                             Description                           Weight

     VP-24-SGN            24" Straight Gooseneck                  6 Oz

This 24-Inch short pole allows you to clean lower level windows with your waterfed purification system.  Simply attach your brush assembly and hose and you can now clean lower level windows efficiently. Equipped with a Euro threaded tip.

Viper Pole Carbon Fiber Short Pole

          Part #                             Description                           Weight

     VP-24-POLE           24" Viper Short Pole                       6 Oz

Reach Around Gooseneck

          Part #                             Description                           Weight

     40001                 Reach Around Gooseneck                  4 Oz

Reach Around gooseneck that allows users to attach a swivel scrub pad holder along with a waterfed pole brush. 

Viper Pole Dual Trim Nylon Waterfed Pole Brush

          Part #                                           Description                           Weight

     T-12DT-EURO-PF            12" Brush w/Pencil/Fan Jets                 1 lb.

     T-18DT-EURO-PP           18" Brush w/4-Pencil Jets                     1.5 lb.

Double trim nylon pole brush with dual jets.  Available in 12" and 18" .  Euro thread for attachment to any waterfed pole.

Viper Pole Metal End Tips.  Available in a Euro Thread and Acme Thread for standard tool attachments.

Viper Pole Threaded Metal End Tips

          Part #                                     Description                                Weight

     VP-ET                       Viper Pole Euro Thread Metal Tip              2 Oz

     VP-ACME34           Viper Pole 3/4" Thread Metal Tip               2 Oz

Viper replacement waterfed pole clamp assemblies.  Available in all 10 sizes.  Size 0 is the smallest clamp that fits the top section and goosenecks.

Viper Pole Replacement Clamp Assemblies

          Part #                                     Description                                Weight

     VP-CLAMP-#             Viper Pole Clamp Size 0-9                    1  Oz

Viper Pole Replacement End Caps

          Part #                                         Description                             Weight

     VP-ENDCAP-#             Viper Pole End Cap Size 3-10              1  Oz

Viper Pole replacement hose assemblies for all poles.  1/4 I.D.  x  3/8 O.D.  Includes male fitting on one end for attachment to gooseneck assembly and female Garden Hose fitting on the other.  Available in 3 Sizes.  Custom lengths available.

Viper Pole Hose Assemblies

          Part #                                            Description                           Weight

     VP-POLE-HOSE-25              25 ft. Hose Assembly                      1 lb.

     VP-POLE-HOSE-60             60 ft. Hose Assembly                     2 lb.

     VP-POLE-HOSE-80            80 ft. Hose Assembly                     2.6 lb.

Viper Pole replacement gooseneck hose assembly for all viper goosenecks.  3 ft. long with fitting for pole hose connection.

Viper Gooseneck Hose Assembly

          Part #                                      Description                             Weight

     VP-GN-HOSE            Gooseneck Hose Assembly                1.5  Oz

Swivel Pad Holder & Scrub Pads

          Part #                           Description                                  Weight

     2000                    Swivel Pad Holder Assembly                4 Oz

     59384                   1/4" Thin Scrub Pads (ea)                        1 Oz

     59413                    1" Thick Scrub Pads (ea)                          1 Oz

Swivel Pad Holder Assembly and choice of 1/4" thick pads or 1" thick pads.  Pads will velcro directly onto pad holder giving you the ability to scrup heavy debris off of windows with your Viper Pole.  Will thread onto the Reach Around Gooseneck.

Viper Pole Hose 500 ft.

          Part #                                      Description                             Weight

     PT0606-500B            Viper Pole Hose 500 ft.                      18 lb

Viper replacement waterfed pole end caps.  Available for sections 3 through 10

High quality 100% full carbon fiber angle goosenecks.  Slides into the top section of all Viper Poles.  Available in 3 sizes,

Viper Pole Hose 500 ft. Roll.  1/4 I.D.  x  3/8 O.D.  300 psi rated.

This Straight Gooseneck fits into the top section of your Viper Waterfed Pole and gives you an additional 2-ft. of length.  Also works as a short pole for cleaning lower level windows.  Simply pull out from the pole and use hand held.