Purification System Parts & Accessories

Filters and Membranes

          Part #                        Description                                     Weight

     200621                   Sediment Filter 2.5 x 10                      5.2 Oz

     200656                  Carbon CBF Filter 2.5 x 10                  1 lb

     PWP-DI-10            PWP DI Filter 4.5 x 10                         3 lbs

     PWP-DI-20           PWP DI Filter 4.5 x 20                        7 lbs

     200394                  RO Membrane 4040 HF5                 8 lbs

Hand Held TDS Meter with Case

          Part #                             Description                           Weight

     HMTDS3            Hand Held TDS Meter w/case            4 Oz

Hand held TDS Meter. commercial quality.  Easily take tds reading before and after your filtration system.

Filter Housing Wrench

          Part #                                           Description                           Weight

     206806                            2.5" Filter Housing Wrench                3 Oz

     205645                             4.5 Filter Housing Wrench                 4 Oz

Pure Water Power 12 V Booster Pump with 1/2" Fittings

          Part #                                                    Description                                Weight

     PWP-BOOSTER-12V             12V, 5.3 gpm Booster Pump                      7 lbs

12V 5.3 GPM Booster Pump with Cooling Fins.  Specially configured to give you extra pressure through your 4 stage RODI Water Purification Systems. Includes Inlet and Outlet 1/2 push fitting connectors.

High quality replacement filters and membranes for all Pure Water Power RODI Purification Systems.

Filter Housing Wrenches for your Carbon, Sediment and DI filters. 

Replacement RO Discharge Hose Assembly  3/8" x 6 ft. with fittings.  Fits all Units.

Replacement RO Discharge Hose Assembly

          Part #                                                         Description                           Weight

     PWP-HOSE-DISCHARGE            Discharge Hose Assy. 6 ft.               2 lbs

"Little Beast" 12v Variable Speed Control Box with remote.  A high quality industrial strength control box that gives you the capability to control water flow and power the pump from over 500 ft away.  Can also be used manually.  Equipped with a 30 amp fuse .  Waterproof aluminum encased housing. Superior Quality.

Little Beast 12v Variable Speed Control Box with Remote Control

          Part #                                           Description                                Weight

     PWP-LBCB-12             12V variable speed control box                 3.7 lbs

     PWP-CB-PLATE          Little Beast Control Box Plate                   6.4 Oz

12V Heavy Duty Waterproof On/Off Switch  30 amp rating. 

12v Waterproof On/Off Switch 30 amp

          Part #                                                    Description                                Weight

     PWP-Switch-12V                     12V 30 amp On/Off Switch                   9.6 Oz

"Little Beast" Hose Reel Mounting Plate

          Part #                                                    Description                                Weight

     PWP-HR-PLATE                    Little Beast Hose Reel Plate                      2 lbs

1/2" O.D. blue tubing extruded from high quality based resin.  Will not degrade when exposed to water. Polyurethane offers increased flexibility and resistance to kinking. 

1/2 O.D. Tubing,  300 psi rating

          Part #                                    Description                                      Weight

     NC0862-1                    1/2" O.D. Tubing per ft                                 .07 Oz

     NC0862-500B          1/2" O.D.  Tubing 500 ft. Roll                     22 lbs

KuriTec K1136 Series.  High quality flexible compounds are uniquely blended to allow hose to stay flexible even at low temperatures. 300 psi rating. Available in 3/8" I.D. & 1/2" I.D.

KuriTec K1136 Series High Quality Water Hose

          Part #                                   Description                                       Weight

     K1136-38                    3/8" I.D. x 5/8" O.D.  per ft.                           1.8 Oz

     K1136-12                     1/2" I.D. x 7/8" O.D.    per ft.                          2.9 Oz

"Little Beast" Hose Reel Plate.  This mounting plate is designed for the "Little Beast" Purification System.  Easily bolts onto the cage of the "Little Beast"  Pre-drilled 5/8" holes for mounting hose reels and other items.  Powder Coated.