Shamblin SoftWash Sauce

               Part #                                        Description                                      Weight

     PWP-SSW-G               Shamblin SoftWash Sauce Gallon                    10 lbs

     PWP-SSW-P               Shamblin SoftWash Sauce Pail                          45 lbs

     PWP-SSW-55D          Shamblin SoftWash Sauce Drum                     450 lbs

Shamblin Softwash Sauce is a powerful chlorine enhancer, surfactant and water softener used to wash buildings, houses, roofs, flat work, wood and any delicate surface.  Enjoy enhanced cleaning power and a super fast rinse that will allow jobs to move faster and achieve a higher level of clean

Nitro 9 Xtreme Duty Degreaser

               Part #                                        Description                                  Weight

     PWP-NITRO9-G               Nitro 9 XD Degreaser Gallon                    10 lbs

     PWP-NITRO9-P               Nitro 9 XD Degreaser Pail                          45 lbs

     PWP-NITRO9-55D          Nitro 9 XD Degreaser Drum                     450 lbs

Nitro 9 Xtreme Duty Degreaser is a concentrated blend of surfactants and wetting agents combined with a caustic solution to form a stable and highly effective product that can be used in both concentrated and diluted form.  It has excellent adhesion and cleaning ability on vertical and horizontal surfaces.  Superior cleaning ability.

Sir Glide-A-Lot  Window Cleaning Concentrate

               Part #                              Description                           Weight

     PWP-SGA-QT               Sir Glide-A-Lot Quart                     3 lbs

     PWP-SGA-G                 Sir Glide-A-Lot  Gallon                  10 lbs

     PWP-SGA-P                 Sir Glide-A-Lot  Pail                        45 lbs

Sir Glide-A-Lot Concentrated Window Cleaning Solution is a special blend of surfactants with water softening agents for superior adhesion without any drips or rundown during the squeegee process.  This cleaner is truly amazing.  Superior window cleaning formula with superior glide properties.

Pure Water Power specially formulates cleaners and chemicals that are extremely aggressive and designed to give the best results for softwashing, pressure washing and window cleaning.  Commercial grade products.